Associate Membership

Criteria for Associate Membership

Associate membership is either for smaller groups who are not necessarily constituted and who have expressed an interest in Natural Kirklees such as churches, schools, Women’s Institutes etc. or larger enterprises who can work with Natural Kirklees for the benefit of its members.

Eligibility is based on the following criteria that the group:

  • Is providing services in line with Natural Kirklees objectives.
  • Be active within Kirklees and if a Green Space site, either:
  • Owned by Kirklees Council and working with their approval and permission
  • If not owned by Kirklees Council, the group must have the landowner’s permission and approval for all their activities AND the site must be freely accessible to all, with an environmental, biodiversity or educational theme.
  • The organisation must operate as a voluntary group or a not for profit organisation and must actively promote the betterment of the environment and biodiversity of the green space or provide its services to Natural Kirklees Members at no cost.
  • The organisation must be active and not be established for a limited timescale