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Get a stall at Honley Show 29th June 2024!

Following the success of our stand in the Countryside Marquee at last year’s Honley Show, we have twelve stalls available for Natural Kirklees members at the 2024 Show, to be held on 29th June. Several stalls are already booked. If your group is keen to run one, please complete the Countryside Marquee application form and the risk assessment form:

Countryside Application Form:

Risk Assessment Form:

Please note that the £50 fee that is mentioned is not payable by members. And the need to confirm public liability insurance cover only applies if the member is not part of the Natural Kirklees insurance arrangement.

Detailed information about the program of the show is available on

Mirfield in Bloom wins Gold

Mirfield in Bloom did it Again! 

Our ‘Little Bloomers’ gathered to wave us off to the recent Yorkshire in Bloom Awards which were held in the Riley Smith Hall Tadcaster; following two days of judging in July. Most Bloom Groups send a couple of representatives.  Some don’t attend at all.  Twelve Mirfield in Bloomers, including the Town’s Deputy Mayor Stuart Naisbett descended on the event.  They didn’t know what had hit them!  

Mirfield got ‘GOLD’…not to mention joint ‘Best in Category’ with Knaresborough. 

Led by founder and chairman Ruth Edwards, our main goal is to make Mirfield as good as it can be, by filling spaces with flowers; as well as picking up litter and removing graffiti left by those who don’t seem to ‘Love where they Live’ as much as the rest of us do.  We also consider environmental issues by hand weeding rather than spraying, as well as encouraging birds, bees, butterflies and beasts with thoughtful planting.  Thank you to our major sponsors Mirfield Town Council.  We couldn’t do what we do without their money to cover the cost of planting & watering.  Thanks also to John Cotton Group for sponsoring the Schools & Neighbourhoods.  Mirfield in Bloom is proud to be associated with such a prestigious company.  Last, but not least thanks must also go to Natural Kirklees & other organisations, not to mention individuals, who have supported us in cash and kind throughout the year.  Unlike some places, we do not get automatic funding & manpower from Parks Departments.  We have to raise every penny ourselves. This isn’t easy with an annual budget in excess of £53,000.  

The Little Bloomers at St Mary’s Church House Pre-School placed hedgehog homes and bat boxes all over the neighbourhood.  The children learn about the environment, and even have their own miniature litter pickers and vests.  They walked away with yet another well-deserved Gold Award.  Relative newcomers, Crossley Fields School got a Silver Award.  And the Old Colonial received a Silver Gilt for their valiant efforts in their pub car park; which must be unique in having a memorial garden in it. 

The three Neighbourhoods who entered all got top marks in their category.   Well done, Mirfield Heritage Site, St Paul’s Lock and St Mary’s Neighbourhood.   

We have been asked why we weren’t in the Britain In Bloom Competition like last year.  This is an invitation only event, and it is Yorkshire in Bloom’s policy not to nominate the same groups each time.  We don’t expect to be asked to represent Yorkshire again until 2025. 

It is important to be innovative, and winning competitions is not our main aim.  We want everyone to be involved; and have some superb new ideas for our seventh year.   

Mirfield in Bloom has a Facebook page & Twitter page.  Why not log in and have a look at what goes on?

We have 59 X followers, and 1,200 Facebook members.  In addition to our committee, there is a stalwart group who turn up week in and week out to do the weeding, sweeping, planting, deadheading, watering & litterpicking.  Huge thanks to them.  Anybody is invited to join us, to do as much or as little as they are able. 

100 Hundred Miles of Hedgerow

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