Your gateway to the green spaces

Become part of a growing network, support our beautiful landscape.

Natural Kirklees is the umbrella organisation for all the “Friends of” groups and “Greenspace” management groups within the Kirklees geographical area. We are independent from; and not part of Kirklees Council. Under our roof, more than 100 voluntary groups are working hard to preserve local green spaces and establish environmental projects across Kirklees. We offer free membership for green space volunteer groups and assist them in various ways, from advice to providing them with public liability insurance cover.

With Natural Kirklees membership you benefit from

  • Support and advice for existing groups
  • Help with the establishment of new groups
  • Public liability insurance for voluntary groups
  • Loan of landscape maintenance tools and litter pickers
  • Quarterly members meetings
  • Frequent Newsletters 
  • Placement of volunteers
  • Small grants when funding allows
  • Close cooperation with Kirklees Council

There are lots of ways to get involved …

If your group has not yet joined Natural Kirklees then please apply for membership. In addition to numerous resources, contacts, tools and assistance, we also offer a free public liability insurance scheme.

We are keen to help you find an existing volunteer group near you and in your area of interest. In our directory you will find active projects and green groups from all over Kirklees.

If you want to make a difference in your community and support nature, then you can find information about volunteering here. Plant trees, build bee hotels or collect litter, we can help you find a suitable project.