Trustee Meetings

Natural Kirklees Trustee Meetings since 2017

In this section you will find the minutes of the Natural Kirklees Trustees meetings, the most recent first. The Trustees meet as and when there is something to discuss and decide upon, e.g. the sign off of the year end accounts. The meetings are specifically for the trustees but we may invite other interested parties to join us when relevant, e.g. for expert advice. 

Natural Kirklees Trustees Meeting

11th April 2023 Trustee Meeting

2nd February 2022 Trustee Meeting

7th December 2022 Trustee Meeting

13th May 2022 Teams Meeting

21st March 2022 Teams Meeting

22nd February 2022 Teams Meeting

12th January 2022 Beaumont Park Visitor Centre

Friday 30th July 2021

Thursday 4th March 2021

Wednesday 28th October 2020 Zoom Meeting

Wednesday 16th September 2020 Zoom Meeting

Thursday 20th August 2020 Zoom Meeting

2nd November 2021 Zoom Meeting

Friday 3rd April 2020 Zoom Meeting

Wednesday 29th January 2020 53 Henley Avenue, Thornhill

Wednesday 13th November 2019 15 Delves Wood Road

Wednesday 17th April 2019 15 Delves Wood Road

Thursday 31st January 53 Henley Avenue Thornhill

Wednesday 31st October 2018 10 West Moor View, Honley

Wednesday 18th July 2018 15 Delves Wood Rd, Beaumont Park

Wednesday 11th April 2018 15 Delves Wood Rd, Beaumont Park

Wednesday 17 January 2018 15 Delves Wood Rd, Beaumont Park

Wednesday 6th September 2017