Individual Membership

Criteria for Individual Membership

Eligibility for Individual Membership is based on the following criteria:

  • The individual will have specific expertise in relation to the environment or natural world OR having served as a volunteer for one of the organisational members (Full or Associate) OR has been elected by the members as a Trustee of Natural Kirklees.
  • The individual must live or offer their advice/services within Kirklees.
  • The individual must operate as a volunteer when undertaking activities on behalf of Natural Kirklees.

Individual Members are generally individuals who are interested in working with Natural Kirklees but are not eligible for public liability insurance nor to borrow tools. They are very welcome to attend at meetings but are not entitled to vote. The individuals will be insured by Natural Kirklees in their capacity of expert or trustee when acting on behalf of Natural Kirklees. Individual member details are held on the database but NOT displayed on the web site.