St Paulinus Catholic Primary Academy

St Paulinus Catholic Primary Academy

As a primary school, we promote and teach (through a variety of subjects) all our pupils the importance of caring for their local environment and playing their part in helping to save our planet through depositing our rubbish, recycling, reusing etc.
Therefore our school council recently signed up to the spring clean project to ensure our large school grounds (which include playgrounds, sports fields and woodland) are clean and free of rubbish with regular timetabled litter picks.

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Informal Group


St Paulinus Catholic Primary Academy grounds, WF13 3QE



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Areas of Interest

Health and Wellbeing, Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Open Spaces, Water Resources and Waterways, Wildlife and Biodiversity, Woodlands

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Dewsbury (Dewsbury East, Dewsbury South, Dewsbury West)

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KS2 Assistant Head

David Hutton

Geography Lead

Emily Thompson