the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling and it’s getting a bit chilly. So put on your wooly jumper and wellies, pack a waterproof just in case and go and enjoy spectacular  autumn

Climb a Tree

Create a Mandala

Make a circular pattern on the ground from beautiful coloured leaves and other natural objects. You could take a picture or take bits home to press and make into a collage.

Have a game of Capture the Flag

Best played in the woods or a park where there are lots of places to hide and sneak up on people.. . You need  two teams  (4 or more on each is best) and each needs a flag ( a stick with a hanky or scarf tied to it or anything that everyone will recognise) . divide the area your playing into 3 with the two teams separated by a neutral space. Each team must hide their flag somewhere in their area, making sure that nobody from the opposing team can see where it is.

Now, both teams get five minutes to hide their flags. Once the flags are hidden, the game begins. Obviously, in order to win the game, you must capture the other team’s flag  and bring it back to your own territory. But if an enemy team member grabs you while you’re standing on their part of the field, they are allowed to take you straight to prison (which is a small patch of land in their territory). You can be freed from prison if one of your team members touches you, and there’s no limit to how many times you can be thrown back into prison.

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