The days are getting lighter the birds are singing and everyones feeling more energetic  – here are some ideas how you can spring into action!!


Rain can be really good fun … can you think of any other events for the puddle olympics?

Lay a Trail

Get to learn all the tracking signs so you and your friends will never lose each other again (who needs a mobile phone to keep in touch!!)

1,2,3, GAME

You need a pole and some companions to play this game

1 player is the finder and guards the pole and the rest are hiders. . The finder plants the  pole in the ground and walks round it with their eyes shut while counting to 15. The hiders need to hide during this time.

The Finder then looks for the Hiders and and shouts out 1,2,3 and their name if they spot one. Meanwhile the Hiders try to sneak back to the pole without the Finder spotting them.

The Finder wins if he spots all the Hiders. The Hiders win if one of them can sneak up to the pole and shout 1,2,3 Save All. The Hiders can work together to distract the Finder so one of them can sneak to the pole and save all the Hiders!!

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