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  • Value of Grant: £750
  • Planned Completion: 31 December 2024

Project: Bud Therapeutic Labyrinth at Wakefield Road Allotments

Green Space Location: Wakefield Road Allotments, Dalton, HD5 9XN

Volunteers Involved: 20 | Expected Hours: 100

Detail: Hedgerow Plants, Fruit Trees, Seeds, Compost, Gloves


Creating a therapeutic labyrinth by landscaping an area of our existing therapeutic outdoor site with structural planting. The planting will be mainly perennials along with annuals wildflower, choosing native varieties where possible along with some fruit trees, increasing biodiversity and wildlife. The site is used by various groups so the therapeutic labyrinth will enhance the therapeutic activities available to participants and will also enhance the landscape, reshaping the space to allow people to feel immersed in nature.