Hade Edge Residents Association

Hade Edge Residents Association

Project Title

Brightening up the village


To provide plants for the 8 existing planter tubs situated around the village


  • 1. It will bring flowers for wildlife (e.g. bees), and help with people’s mental health (flowers make people happy!)
  • 2. We can get local people to come help with planting, which is good for health and wellbeing and be part of the community.
  • 3. It’s good exercise to plant, they will be in fresh air too with other like-minded people
  • 4. Planting plants always helps with carbon reduction. We have already planted some trees in one of the spaces.


Aug 22 – Friends and I ventured a walk starting at Hade Edge and while I didn’t get a chance to tour the village, the gladioli in one of the tubs on the green were in full bloom and the view outstanding.

May 22 – Kerry and her team of volunteers have installed several plant tubs throughout the village and sought a small grant to purchase plants to stock them for the summer with bulbs and perennial plants. The village has also seen a new build housing estate and we agreed that an additional couple of planters would allow the pavement for this area to become more attractive in keeping with the rest of the village. No sooner had we awarded the grant, we received photos of the work that that the volunteers had been able to achieve.