Lepton Preservation Society

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  • Value of Grant: £250

Project: Lepton Centre improvement

Green Space Location: Lepton Recreation Ground

Volunteers Involved: 15

Detail: Compost & Plants


We continue to improve Lepton Village Centre as time, money and weather allows. This year we are developing a nature walk where paintings of animals that might have been seen in the area can be viewed. The aim is primarily to encourage the public onto the recreation ground where we are gradually planting trees and flower beds. This year we ask for a small amount of funding to assist us with the purchase of plants and compost with which to maintain five existing planters in the centre, two were already there and we have planted and replanted them throughout the year. This year we will need to replace compost as well as ensure the planters are filled with flowers appropriate for each season. The more we can maintain our visibility in Lepton then the more we will attract people to the recreation ground to see the other work we are doing. The result will improve the environment but also discourage vandalism due to the increased presence of ordinary folk.