Small Grant Scheme Award 2020

2020 Small Grant Scheme Awards

At the start of 2020, discussions with Rob Dalby, Parks and Green Spaces Operations Manager and Natural Kirklees concluded that an event as had been held in previous years, to introduce the public to the work Natural Kirklees and the various Friends Groups achieve was unlikely. It was a greed the funding for the event could be diverted to a Small Grant Scheme, aimed at helping the Friends groups to meet some of their short-term objectives but for which they struggle to finance. A total of 7 awards were made.

Each application detailed the benefits of the project over the headings 

What benefit will be brought to the Park / Green Space?

What benefit will be brought to the Local Community?

Plans for visits by the trustees to view the work being undertaken were abandoned due to the pandemic which hit immediately after the awards. However, it may be possible for a follow up visit to take place in 2022 so that the trustees can publicise the work achieved.

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