Invasive plants


Hope you can help point us in the right direction again for information.

We want help identifying the plants we should be worried about and how to tackle them e.g. himalayan balsam etc. ?

We would also like help with what we have in the Grimescar in terms of plants, birds, animals and trees.

Do you have any contacts who would help us?

  • Ed Day

    Melinda – Between the S2R staff and our Friend of Norman park group Im sure we can help with a bit of a surveying in the Valley. With Gill back perhaps we can do one of there Bio blitz exercises? Im not sure what their method has been but Im sure it is achievable.

    Ill see if I can get a Balsam bash organised through our workday team.


    Jason Kerry

  • Ed Day

    Some info for the Grimescar group

    Lots of info here for invasive non-native species work:

    Identification sheets:

    Management advice:

    Himalayan balsam management advice:

    All the best


    Simon Hirst
    River Steward
    River Holme Connections