Full membership

Criteria for Full Membership

For a group to be a full member it must be one of the following:

  • Friends of a Green Space situated within Kirklees (Natural Kirklees was formed as an umbrella organisation for Friends Groups)
  • a Green Space Management Group e.g., a Conservation Group/Orchard etc.
  • a Village or Ward Community Group or Residents Association.
  • an Activity Group – e.g., a walking group.
  • a Wildlife Preservation Group.

And must be all of the following:

  • active within Kirklees and if a Green Space Site:
  • owned by Kirklees Council and working with their approval and permission.
  • If not owned by Kirklees Council, the group must have the landowner’s permission and approval for all their activities AND the site must be freely accessible to all, with an environmental, biodiversity or educational theme.
  • a voluntary organisation or a Not-for-Profit Organisation or a Registered Charity.
  • established on the basis of a constitution and have a nominated chair, secretary and treasurer.
  • active and not established for a limited timescale.
  • (if relevant) actively promote the betterment of the environment and biodiversity of the Green Space or area in which they operate.

When submitting your membership application please also send us a copy of your groups constitution via email to members@naturalkirklees.org.

Full members are able to utilise all the services provided by Natural Kirklees – for more information regarding insurance please read the information on our insurance scheme.