Suez Communities Trust – Landfill Communities Fund

Another source of funding for groups

SUEZ Communities Trust provides funds to not-for-profit organisations to undertake work that is eligible under the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

Applications are considered for three areas of work which qualify for funding through the LCF:

1) Public Amenities (Object D) – To provide, maintain or improve an amenity that is used primarily for leisure and recreation

2) Historic Buildings, Structures or Sites (Object E) – The maintenance, repair or restoration of a building, other structure or a site of archaeological interest which is a place of religious worship, or a site of historic or architectural or archaeological interest and is open to the public

3) Biodiversity (Object DA) – The conservation of biodiversity through the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of natural habitat or the maintenance or recovery of a species in its natural habitat

SUEZ Communities Trust will consider projects which focus on physical improvement at an identified site. Funding is typically awarded for the purchase of materials/equipment and the appointment of a contractor to undertake the improvement work. A request for funding for multiple sites or for salaries, running costs, project management or design fees will not be considered.

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