Kirklees Volunteer Coordinators

Kirklees have provided 4 Volunteer Coordinators to act as a link between members of Natural Kirklees and relevant departments and staff within the Kirklees organisation.

If you have any questions about who to talk to or how to connect to Kirklees then these are your first point of contact.

1 thought on “Kirklees Volunteer Coordinators”

  1. Stella Griffiths says:

    FAO Gill Logan

    Hello Gill
    I understand you are the Volunteer Coordinator for my area.
    There are 7 planter tubs on Westbourne Rd that were put down by KMC at the end of Covid times. They were not being maintained & in December 2022 I went with my husband Phil & cleared up the tubs and planted 130 daffodil and tulips bulbs, a significant improvement! I believe in the last month or so it is you who has been round and planted Summer flowers & bedding. Thank You very much! I would like to be able to keep this going/improve on this. An embryonic “Mirfield in Bloom” perhaps? Can we coordinate? What are your thoughts?
    I also have a neighbour, Diane who wants to do something about the litter on/near Marsh.
    can you advise? I hope to hear from you soon, best wishes Stella G.

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