The Lepton Preservation Society

The Lepton Preservation Society

Project Title

Willow Deer 


To provide a willow sculpture of a deer to enhance the appearance and interest level of the Lepton Recreation Ground. Also, to provide summer flowers for planters provided by the above society. Both items will improve the village for the residents.  


  • 1. It will provide an attraction for both local people and visitors to the village. Similarly, the flowers will brighten the village.

  • 2. We of TLVPS are already working hard on a number of projects, to bring interest and involve old and young alike. We have the involvement of both Lepton schools.

  • 3. Providing a place and reason to visit the rec will enhance residents’ enjoyment and interest in the village and also provide entertainment to all.

  • 4. By providing a pleasant local place to visit on a nice day. It should save many people taking cars to places outside the village.


Our final application was received from the Lepton Preservation Society to provide finance for the provision of a willow sculpture in the form of a deer, plus some plants to enhance the appearance of the Lepton Recreation Ground. The Society involve the local schools and hope these improvements will improve the feeling of well-being in the village. At the time of judging the applications, the council have not yet given permission for the willow sculpture so the trustees have held back the full award pending the council’s approval but have granted the finance for the plants.  


£100 to date