Windybank Activities For All

Windybank Activities For All

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Get together gardening 


At Windybank Community Centre we aim to run gardening sessions throughout the day to help combat the loneliness and isolation that has been suffered as part of the impact of the pandemic. We hope in doing this it will one bring people back out of their homes and bring back some community spirit and friendships. To get people back outside and in the open to help with their well-being and plant lots of lovely plants, fruit, vegetables and fruit trees so that we could also use this lovely fresh grown produce in our soon to be running cooking on a budget sessions.  


  • 1. It will benefit the green space by putting it to use as it has just been left unused for the past few years and is going to waste. It will be a great asset to the community for a shared green space to come together and help grow produce together.

  • 2. It will definitely bring the community together as a shared project to grow produce and be able to have something at the end of it. To be able to cook a meal at the end or have the skill to go home and start their own green space.

  • 3. I would like to think it will have a positive impact on well-being as its a gardening club, its outdoors and its proven that being outdoors is good for your general health and well-being and anyone taking part will get a sense of achievement from doing the gardening and the fulfilment of the end goal.

  • 4. There will be a whole range of plants and fruits and vegetables and fruit trees being planted and clearing of the community centre grounds which will improve the area on a massive scale and we aim to start using compost bins asap too.  


This group is a new member and one of our trustees visited Sarah at the Windybank Community Centre to find out more about the group and their ambitions. Suitably impressed she had no hesitation in recommending we award the grant for the provision of soil, plants and tools to enable them to grow vegetables and start cookery sessions to combat the loneliness and isolation that the pandemic has caused within the community.  We are looking forward to a revisit to see how the project progresses.