Friends of Spen Beck & Mann Dam

Friends of Spen Beck & Mann Dam

Project Title

Save & Safe – Spen Beck & Mann Dam


Save – We aim to obtain Local Nature Reserve status to save this vulnerable and fragile space near our town centre.  This area has a dam, marshland, woodland, meadow etc.  To improve Bio- Diversity and Carbon Reduction we plan to plant trees, meadow seeds and protect all species, particularly any of special note – hence the bat survey.

Safe – Community Cohesion and Well Being will focus on making the space safe by litter picking, rubbish and graffiti removal.  Conversations are on-going with a nearby school and Scout group.  We hope to share information via an existing Facebook site.


  • 1. The project as a whole will bring both Carbon Reduction, Bio- Diversity, Community Cohesion and Well Being to the area and our community as follows: This area is a unique oasis of park, meadow, marsh and woodland with a dam used for fishing and a Grade II listed viaduct.  It is very close to our town centre which brings many benefits but makes the area very vulnerable.

  • 2. As stated above – caring for the area and protecting the wildlife brings many benefits to the local community who enjoy this space and use it on a regular basis for walking, dog walking and transit to and from the town centre.

  • 3. See above – it is well known that natural green spaces assist with the well being of local people.  There is ‘green prescribing’ and we hope if the area is protected it will allow this to happen.  Also attached is a letter from one of our members which shows clearly how important this unique space is for our area which is very much a post-industrial landscape with much housing

  • 4. The woodland has been particularly affected by the recent storms.  We hope that we can set up a planting scheme with the community to improve carbons reduction and biodiversity net gain.  We hope to take advice from the Forestry/Woodland department of Kirklees and our Volunteer Coordinator.  The planting of flower meadows in the park area will enhance some of the grassland and will hopefully allow a project with our nearby school or Scouts.  


Anyone who knows Caz will know of her enthusiasm and drive to get things done. She and the friends put forward and application to help them progress towards their ambition of applying for Local nature Reserve Status. The application included proposals for a bat survey, meadow seeding an area behind the football pitch, willow trees to hide a scrap metal site adjacent to the area, graffiti removal from the viaduct that crosses the site, litter pickers and leaflets.  


£523 + Litter Pickers from our stock