Grange Moor Community Association

Grange Moor Community Association

Project Title

Grange Moor Miniature Park Project


To refurbish and bring back to life and use the land adjoining Grange Moor Bowling Club. The Miniature Park dates back to the days when the Village was a thriving mining community but has lain unused for over 50 years

We plan to lay out paths, with access for wheelchairs and push chairs, with seating and beds planted for easy maintenance. Part of the Park will be retained as a wildlife area to attract all forms of wildlife 

There is a considerable amount of work needed to excavate the Park and lay out the paths and beds.  


  • 1. The Miniature Park Project fits into a wider project of “Bringing People Together” as this will provide a meeting place in the centre of our village and can be used by all ages. A Place to sit in quiet contemplation or to meet up on a nice sunny day with friends 

There is no other facility of this type in the village or nearby.

  • 2. The Miniature Park is in the centre of the village and will be accessible on foot from other parts of the village giving residents some exercise to reach the Park and then enjoy the peaceful surroundings with others.

  • 3. The Park will be planted with trees and flowers which will attract other forms of wild life, particularly in the wildlife section which can be viewed from the seating on the pathways,  but will also be low maintenance so that little effort will be needed to maintain the Park in years to come.

  • 4. The site has lain unused for over 50 years. We have had to remove a couple of hedges to create more room for the Park and clear the site of weed and overgrown grass. We will planting new trees and plants and part of the site will be used to create a wild flower garden. This we see as an improvement to the previous unused land which will also attract wildlife to the Park.  


The association have an ambitious plan to resurrect a Miniature Park adjacent to the bowling green in Grange Moor which has lain unused for over 50 years. A considerable amount of excavation work will be necessary to create the paths which will be suitable for wheelchair and pushchair use. Seating will be provided and easy to maintain planting, though a wild area will be maintained. This is a large project and Natural Kirklees awarded a small proportion towards the overall costs. The trustees have not yet visited this site.