Shelley Conservation and Environment Group

Shelley Conservation and Environment Group

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Jubilee Wildflower Meadow with Commemorative Bench


The group has been working to clear an area on the Lower Bridle to turn it into a wildflower meadow. Access to the meadow can be down the existing path or via a newly created path through the woodland. 

It has been suggested that a bench and commemorative plaque to celebrate the Queens Jubilee would be a good way to enhance and finish off the project as it will permanently mark the work done and promote what SCEG do while delivering many benefits to the village as described below.  


  • 1. The wildflower meadow will create an easily accessible biodiverse area that will benefit many different types of wildlife such as bee’s and other insects. 

The addition of the bench will allow people to sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful view not only of the meadow but across the valley to Shepley encouraging people to get out and about knowing that the meadow is a good stopping point for any walkers, both committed and occasional

It will also be a great opportunity for Shelley First School to plan trips over to the Bridle, not just for the woodland but to explore the meadow again. The bench will be a great place for the children to use as a “base” while exploring

  • 2. Adding the bench/relaxation area will provide a focus point in the meadow that will demonstrate to the community what can be achieved by small community groups like ourselves, allowing us to promote the meadow/woodland and encourage others to join us as we continue to improve the Bridle and other greenspaces around Shelley, many of which we are already working on such as the Rec, the Whins and Healey Greave Meadow.

  • 3. Adding the bench to the meadow builds on the work we have already done to prepare the meadow and create a circular woodland walk through the Bridle to the meadow. This will help people to get out and about, enjoy our beautiful village and countryside but at the same time not be far from the heart of the village. The bench will be a stopping point where people can take in the fresh air, beautiful scenery and views as well as somewhere to relax and contemplate, relieve stress; and improve mental health and wellbeing for all members of our community. It is always better to have somewhere nice to sit than on the damp ground.

  • 4. The introduction of the wildflower meadow to the Bridle will add to the already widespread biodiversity in the area. The wildflowers will attract lots of bees and other insects and thus attract other wildlife species to the area allowing us to consider other projects as the area blossoms and grows. Adding the bench allows people to sit and enjoy the meadow and the views and see for themselves what benefits biodiversity brings perhaps even inspiring and encouraging them to come up with other ideas to help not only within the community but in their own gardens.  


Aug 22 – The benches are now in place, placed on gabions – a great place for visitors to The Lower Bridle to rest and admire the view over to Shepley. Just the plaque to do now!

Jun 22 – The pathways have been prepared when 2 of the trustees visited the site and the bench or rather benches as there are now plans and funds for two, are on order. The views from the Lower Bridle are magnificent and a considerable area remains a Natural Reserve. We look forward to revisiting later in the summer.