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Here you can find details of all our members. We have relaunched our website (Aug 2022) and are asking our members to resubmit their details to ensure we have an accurate record. This may take a few weeks to complete so please search for a group near you by entering your location but if you can`t find what you are looking for please email and we will respond back with any groups in your area who have yet to update their details.

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Birkenshaw Village In Bloom

Date joined: 22/6/18

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/58

We aim to improve and care for all areas of our village. We now have recently formed a branch of BVA i.e The in Bloom group. We have an annual Christmas Lights display and maintain flower borders.


Birstall In Bloom

Date joined: 3/8/17

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/20

Birstall In Bloom develops and maintains gardens, tubs and planters around Birstall village centre.
Our objective is to make Birstall more attractive for residents and visitors.
Over the years we have created “Welcome to Birstall” stones, gardens and a memorial garden.


Bromley Park Residents Association

Date joined: 2/7/18

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: Not Insured By NK

Volunteers living on the Bromley Park development look after the green open spaces on the development and have done so for the last several years. The development self funds from donations from the residents


Burton Environment Group (BEG)

Date joined: 3/8/17

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/003

BEG works in the villages of Kirkburton and Highburton. It has received a number of grants to improve the physical environment in the area at it’s main sites – Burton Dean Park, Burton Community Field, Kirkburton Memorial Garden, Town Quarry and Highburton Cross. It also carries out regular maintenance work around the villages both on the sites listed and on the public highway, footpaths and other public spaces. In 2020, the group set up a sub-group to work with Kirklees to improve biodiversity, initially at Burton Community Field


Church Woods, Birstall

Date joined: 25/10/22

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/107

Church Woods is classified as an ancient woodland. The Church Woods Committee of St Peter’s Church is responsible for caring for the woodland and preserving it for future generations. With support from the Woodland Trust we work to care for and restore the woodland. We also seek to engage the local community in that work as we believe that this improves wellbeing as well as protecting the woodland. A longer term aim of the committee is to use the woodland for educational purposes, offering it for schools and groups to use as well as running events of our own.


Clayton West (Kaye’s) Millennium Green Trust

Date joined: 3/8/17

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/22

Kaye’s Millennium Green is 4.27 hectares of traditional parkland in Clayton West. The Green has many mature parkland trees whose character is maintained by the browsing of the cattle who graze there in the summer. It is crossed by the well-used Kirklees Way and is a favourite dog walk and popular recreation ground for people of all ages. It is also well used by the local primary school and other groups such as scouts, cubs and running groups.


Cleckheaton in Bloom

Date joined: 16/8/21

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/89

Cleckheaton in Bloom is a voluntary group that was set up in July 2021. It was established in order to help make Cleckheaton a more attractive place for residents, shoppers, visitors, retailers, businesses and to draw new retailers, businesses, families and shoppers to the town. The aims of the group are to enhance and improve the visual appeal of the town of Cleckheaton by encouraging the growth of plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables in different areas across the town throughout the year. In enhancing the town of Cleckheaton through planting containers and areas across the town we aim to encourage and promote civic pride and a community spirit in the town.


Cliffe Woods Conservation Group

Date joined: 3/8/17

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/005

Woodland management and habitat creation. Footpath and dry stone wall maintenance. Creation/management of Picnic and Play area


Colne Valley Tree Society

Date joined: 26/4/20

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: Not Insured by Natural Kirklees

To encourage the creation of new woodland through the planting of trees in the Colne Valley area (defined as an area to the west of Huddersfield and lying between the County Boundary at Standedge and the railway viaduct at Longroyd Bridge).


Cowcliffe Community Recreation Area

Date joined: 24/10/20

Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance Policy Number: RSAP7130378200/103

1. To develop a green space which is accessible and inclusive to all, where they can meet and feel proud about the space and therefore take care of it. 2. To develop a space where individuals and families (and dogs) can play, exercise and meet to feel connected. 3. To create an environment which balances formal planting with a place where nature can thrive. 4. To secure funds and campaign to improve the infrastructure and existing facilities of the park. 5. To promote the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the local community in all activity undertaken by the group.